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We enable publishers to sell, manage and optimize their ad spaces with a consolidated platform. Choose your media channel and learn more about our various offerings, designed to maximize your ad success.

One platform, many features.
All in one for your media success!

Our powerful platform combines simplified administration, targeted sales, extensive monitoring tools and optimized network management. Learn more about how to increase your sales, how to make your workflow more efficient and how to get more revenue out of your advertising activities.

ADSERVER1 enables publishers to manage all direct bookings on a centralized platform. With this product, we provide you with the key to more efficient ad delivery, tracking and real-time performance optimization. Get started and increase your revenue potential!

Product Benefits

Drive more revenue
Save time and resources
Measure and optimize

The advanced supply-side platform opens the door to programmatic advertising and provides you with access to entirely new sources of demand. Helpful features enable you to keep the full control of your inventory and to optimize your advertising success in real time.

Product Benefits

Sell programmatically
Get full visibility
Achieve your goals

With the data management platform you get insight into the world of data and how to use them more efficiently. DMP1 serves as a central database that allows you to collect, analyze and manage important first and third-party-data and helps you to upgrade the quality and relevance of your inventory.

Product Benefits

Activate your data
Analyze frequencies
Built custom audiences

NMS1 is a sales and network management system designed specifically for the needs of DOOH publishers. Benefit from a structured offer tool and improve your sales activities, or manage your inventory from one central point of control to get detailed insights into your entire network.

Product Benefits

Improve your sales activities
Manage your inventory network
Store all important documents

#1 One to many platform

One Tech Group's multichannel platform provides access to more than 200,000 bookable media inventories, enabling regional or global agencies and brands to book campaigns across all one to many channels programmatically.

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One platform, many features.
All in one for your media success!

Create campaigns, store all your creatives and manage your ad activities.
Monetize your inventory programmatically and optimize it in real-time.
Use 1st and 3rd party data to enrich your campaigns and target groups.
Manage your entire DOOH network in one single platform.                          
One to many with One Tech Platform
One Tech Platform is available for DOOH, OOH and Print publishers. Choose your media channel and learn more about the various offerings, designed to maximize your ad success.


Monetize, manage and optimize your DOOH inventory with one platform.


Sell, analyze and improve your OOH inventory with one platform.


Market, organize and monitor your inventory with one platform.