Make the most out of your in-store retail media network

Monetize your in-store traffic and market targeted advertising based on relevant customer data that supports your daily sales and brings in a new revenue stream.

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Use in-store traffic as an extended revenue stream

Exploit the full potential out of your customer traffic with retail media. In addition to the daily sales business, store frequency can be converted into advertising impressions with the use of digital screens, displays or audio advertising, directly at the point of sale. This way, you act not only as a retailer, but also as an advertising publisher who sells its advertising space and impressions to a broad field of advertisers.

Turn relevant customer data into revenue

First-party data will gain increasing relevance in the upcoming era of cookieless advertising. Especially data from retailers gain more importance. Learn how to get the best out of your acquired customer data and how to use transaction data or information from loyalty programs to make in-store advertising even more efficient. On top of higher sales, you will profit from advertising revenue as an additional revenue source ultimately.

Push your sales with in-store ads and contextual targeting

Cleverly installed inventory will exactly provide your customers the information they need. Always at the right time, with maximum visibility. Promote new brands, inform about exciting products, or trigger your customers with attractive discounts. Your advertising inventory is more powerful than you might think. With the right tech solution, you can even access weather data in real time and advertise precisely targeted product groups.

Manage and optimize your in-store media activities with one platform

Selling media inventory and managing a digital signage network is a big challenge for you? Using the One Tech Platform and matching services, we provide everything you need. Focus on your day-to-day business and on what’s matters the most – your customers.

You want to know how we can help you make the most out of your retail digital signage network?

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One Tech Platform is available for DOOH, OOH and Print publishers. Choose your media channel and learn more about the various offerings, designed to maximize your ad success.


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