Print Inventories

SSP1 is the first supply-side platform to make print inventories programmatically bookable. Advertisers can access ads from over 13,000 magazines, trade journals and newspapers and reach over 100 different audiences.




13,000 newspapers and magazines

Magazin Types

5,700 trade magazines

Care, social, profession, education, school, customs, immigration, humanitarian, chemistry, biology, plastics, service, energy, consumers, electronics, radio, telecommunications, food, drinking, sleep, event, entertainment, leisure, bike, cycling, finance, management, insurance, economy, women, men, seniors, humanities, health, wellness, care, trade, wholesale, industry, handcraft, hobby, humor, betting, real estate, house garden, production, internet, computers, journalism, media, youth, family, education, cinema, film, photography, communal, authorities, confessions, religions, culture, design, arts, literature, theater, land, forestry, marketing, advertising, PR, mathematics computer science, physics, engineering, medicine, military, security, fire, police, customs, music, dance, entertainment, ecology, environmental protection, fair trade, nutrition, politics, society, radio, TV, law, commercial law, tax consulting, sports, city, country news, students, trainees, education, animals, pets, tourism, railway, air travel, transportation, logistics, science, scientific publications

7,500 consumer magazines

Glossy magazines, women's magazines, men's magazines, health magazines, living and lifestyle, program magazines, children's and youth magazines, news magazines, political magazines, Zeitgeist magazines, knowledge magazines, entertainment magazines, leisure magazines, family magazines, movie magazines, cinema magazines, nature magazines, technical magazines, event magazines

Newspaper Types

1,800 newspaper editions

Daily newspapers, subscription newspapers, tabloid newspapers, national newspapers, regional newspapers, local newspapers, business newspapers, weekly newspapers, Sunday papers, confessional newspapers

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One platform, many features.
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Create campaigns, store all your creatives and manage your ad activities.
Monetize your inventory programmatically and optimize it in real-time.
Use 1st and 3rd party data to enrich your campaigns and target groups.
Manage your entire DOOH network in one single platform.                          
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