Programmatic Expert

Offering your inventory programmatically is new territory for many companies. Since the market is still relatively young, there are few experience reports to fall back on. How do you want to structure sales? How will the sales staff be trained? What needs to be considered operationally? If you need support in this and many other areas, we will be happy to advise you. Since we have already supported numerous companies in this area, we have an excellent pool of experience to fall back on.

Staff training

We are happy to train your employees regarding programmatic advertising. This can include the use of our SSP, but also workshops on sales, agency support and many more. We coordinate the contents with you individually, based on the level of knowledge of your employees and your specific needs.

SSP1 training

Programmatic workshops

Sales organization

When you start with Programmatic Advertising, you need sales. Do you build a new team or do you integrate it into the existing IO sales team? How many staff members are needed? If you require support in integrating programmatic sales into your sales unit or creating a new unit, we will be happy to assist you with our many years of experience.

Organization recommendation

Support during implementation

Interim expert

If you would like intensive support during the start-up period, we can also arrange interim experts for you. This expert will set up the topic of Programmatic Advertising in the company for you. You determine individually which topics this includes. Examples include project management for the technical connection, employee training, integration in sales, go-live support and much more.

Inhouse interims expert

Intensive individual support

Building up internal know-how

One Tech Services

In addition to One Tech Platform, we offer a wide range of services to help you get started in the world of programmatic advertising or to become an absolute professional. To get the most out of your advertising activities, we use our years of experience and align our services to your goals.

Managed Service

Our Managed Service gives publishers the opportunity to participate in our products without being operationally involved. From creating campaigns to managing the entire ad activities, we offer services that are totally tailored to your needs. We do the work, you get the results!

Key Services

Campaign Management
Yield Management
Client Coordination

Programmatic Expert

With our many years of expertise in the field of programmatic advertising, we can help you get up and running. From staff training, advice on how to set up sales to interim experts, we can offer you individual consulting based on your needs.

Key Services

Staff training
Sales organization
Interim experts

Business Case Check

With our Business Case Check, we offer to support you with DOOH and retail media business cases as well as revenue calculations. This includes both the review of existing business cases and the creation of new ones.

Key Services

Independent review
Assumptions check

What our partners say

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