Your supply-side platform for DOOH, OOH & Print.

SSP1 opens the door to programmatic advertising and provides you with access to entirely new sources of demand. Helpful features also allow you to keep the full control of your inventory and to optimize your advertising success in real time.

Available for: DOOH, OOH, Print and optimized for Retail Media


SSP1 provides a variety of features that enable an uncomplicated, mostly automated, programmatic monetization of your media inventory. It gives you access to important real-time monitoring tools such as a user-friendly dashboard, detailed campaign and network analyzing features, booking overviews and an extensive reporting tool.

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Your programmatic activities on one platform

Sell programmatically
Get full visibility
Achieve your goals

Monetize your inventory programmatically via SSP1 and maximize your revenue potential! You can offer your inventory via all possible booking types to our connected DSPs used by all relevant agencies and global brands. Expand your monetization options and increase the chances of selling more and much faster.

Popular Features

Guaranteed Deals

Monetize your inventory with programmatic guaranteed deals! Pre-negotiated parameters such as CPM, volume, inventory, creative format and runtime are fixed with a selected advertiser, as known from campaign bookings. This means you work faster and have full control over your advertising revenues.

Preferred Deals

Offer your media inventory at a pre-negotiated fixed price with non guaranteed impressions or budget to an advertiser of your choice. The advertiser has the possibility to define his own targeting in the DSP and pick inventory based on your pre-selection. The preferred deal grants the advertisers flexibility on defined terms.

Private Auctions

Make your inventory available on a private marketplace and offer them to advertisers of your choice. With the Private Auction, you can choose the group of participants and set a floor price for your inventory. By using our intuitive creation tool, you can quickly enter the desired PMP parameters and create a private auction in the SSP1.

Open Auctions

Offer your inventory to the entire market by creating an open marketplace and benefit from our reach. Define a floor price in advance and ensure that the desired minimum price is achieved. With our supply-side platform, you can use the open auction feature and market your inventory as easily as possible.

Pricing List

Create floor prices and keep full control over your entire inventory. This will ensure that you always achieve the desired CPM when selling via open auctions. The pricing list also shows you all created pricing and uses an alert function to let you know if there are any ad spaces with no active pricing.


SSP1 allows you to target your advertising inventory more precisely, so that your ongoing campaigns can be served more efficiently! In combination with our data management platform DMP1, you can use static demographic data such as age distribution, gender, net household income, education, job position, household size, as well as frequencies and many more.

SSP1 provides you with comprehensive management tools, which enable you to get a more detailed view of your inventory network, your created bookings and all received creatives. This gives you full visibility and allows you to plan and manage your inventory even more precisely.

Popular Features

Network Monitor

With the intelligent network monitor, you can check your inventory network via deep dive analyses. You can choose from 30 filter options to display your entire network in a clear overview. Analyze and evaluate your inventory down to the smallest detail with the help of extensive heatmaps, statistics and location maps. Stay informed about your inventory performance and never miss any relevant information again


Keep track of all of your bookings with one clear diagram. Based on the period you want to take a look at, you can set up a booking calendar according to your wishes. Whether for the next weeks, months or for the whole year — it's entirely up to you! Thus, you will be able to get a quick overview of all created deals and their associated line items. If desired, a deal summary provides you with more detailed information about your bookings.

Media Review

The media review allows you to approve your media files securely and provides you with a detailed overview of all uploaded creatives. Use clear filter options to ensure that media files only play on specific inventory. Furthermore, you can check the background information on all allowed, pending or denied media files. Thanks to this overview, you have complete control over the content of your inventory.

Take advantage of SSP1's extensive monitoring features and measure your campaign performance in real time. Whether you use the dashboard or detailed analysis functions, you can keep an eye on all important KPIs. If necessary, you can take immediate action and take appropriate measures to improve your ad success.

Popular Features


Take a brief look at the performance of all your ongoing advertising activities! With the clear dashboard, you get an overview of the most important key figures of your network performance and always keep an eye on the revenue of your running campaigns. A quick check-up section automatically displays several critical to-dos. This allows you to keep an eye on your day-to-day business and react quickly to any eventualities.

Detail Overview

Take a look at the detail overview and measure your media activities down to the smallest details. To analyze the most important campaign metrics, you can use comprehensive charts and heatmaps. Furthermore, you can monitor conversion rates or the ratio of bids and requests per day. This allows you to react flexibly at any time and make essential capping adjustments to ensure that campaign goals are always met.


Use the extensive reporting feature to create customized reports. You can analyze your ad activities down to the smallest detail using almost 100 filter and KPI options. Save your favorite reports as templates and have them displayed exactly when needed. This way, you can save a lot of time and avoid sources of error due to different reporting results. To share the results with colleagues, partners or clients, download the selected reports as an Excel file.

One Tech Services

In addition to One Tech Platform, we offer a wide range of services to help you get started in the world of programmatic advertising or to become an absolute professional. To get the most out of your advertising activities, we use our years of experience and align our services to your goals.

Managed Service

Our Managed Service gives publishers the opportunity to participate in our products without being operationally involved. From creating campaigns to managing the entire ad activities, we offer services that are totally tailored to your needs. We do the work, you get the results!

Key Services

Campaign management
Yield management
Client coordination

Programmatic Expert

With our many years of expertise in the field of programmatic advertising, we can help you get up and running. From staff training, advice on how to set up sales to interim experts, we can offer you individual consulting based on your needs.

Key Services

Staff training
Sales organization
Interim experts

Business Case Check

With our Business Case Check, we offer to support you with DOOH and retail media business cases as well as revenue calculations. This includes both the review of existing business cases and the creation of new ones.

Key Services

Independent review
Assumptions check
Media channel scale

With more than 20 connected European DOOH publishers, global advertisers are able to reach their audiences through our platform on all relevant venue types. From transit and gas station networks to retail media and healthcare locations, over 30,000 digital-out-of-home screens are programmatically bookable.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands


30,000 screens

Venue Types


Gas stations



Urban Panels














Advertisers have access to more than 50,000 connected out-of-home billboards and posters in the German speaking market via One Tech Platform. The number of OOH partners is growing steadily.


Germany, Switzerland


50,000 billboards and posters

Venue Types




Bus Shelters

Urban Panels




SSP1 is the first supply-side platform to make print inventories programmatically bookable. Advertisers can access ads from over 13,000 magazines, trade journals and newspapers and reach over 100 different audiences.




13,000 newspapers and magazines

Magazin Types

5,700 trade magazines

Care, social, profession, education, school, customs, immigration, humanitarian, chemistry, biology, plastics, service, energy, consumers, electronics, radio, telecommunications, food, drinking, sleep, event, entertainment, leisure, bike, cycling, finance, management, insurance, economy, women, men, seniors, humanities, health, wellness, care, trade, wholesale, industry, handcraft, hobby, humor, betting, real estate, house garden, production, internet, computers, journalism, media, youth, family, education, cinema, film, photography, communal, authorities, confessions, religions, culture, design, arts, literature, theater, land, forestry, marketing, advertising, PR, mathematics computer science, physics, engineering, medicine, military, security, fire, police, customs, music, dance, entertainment, ecology, environmental protection, fair trade, nutrition, politics, society, radio, TV, law, commercial law, tax consulting, sports, city, country news, students, trainees, education, animals, pets, tourism, railway, air travel, transportation, logistics, science, scientific publications

7,500 consumer magazines

Glossy magazines, women's magazines, men's magazines, health magazines, living and lifestyle, program magazines, children's and youth magazines, news magazines, political magazines, Zeitgeist magazines, knowledge magazines, entertainment magazines, leisure magazines, family magazines, movie magazines, cinema magazines, nature magazines, technical magazines, event magazines

Newspaper Types

1,800 newspaper editions

Daily newspapers, subscription newspapers, tabloid newspapers, national newspapers, regional newspapers, local newspapers, business newspapers, weekly newspapers, Sunday papers, confessional newspapers

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One platform, many features.
All in one for your media success!

Our powerful platform combines simplified administration, targeted sales, extensive monitoring tools and optimized network management. Learn more about how to increase your sales, how to make your workflow more efficient and how to get more revenue out of your advertising activities.

ADSERVER1 enables publishers to manage all direct bookings on a centralized platform. With this product, we provide you with the key to more efficient ad delivery, tracking and real-time performance optimization. Get started and increase your revenue potential!

Product Benefits

Drive more revenue
Save time and resources
Measure and optimize

The advanced supply-side platform opens the door to programmatic advertising and provides you with access to entirely new sources of demand. Helpful features enable you to keep the full control of your inventory and to optimize your advertising success in real time.

Product Benefits

Sell programmatically
Get full visibility
Achieve your goals

With the data management platform you get insight into the world of data and how to use them more efficiently. DMP1 serves as a central database that allows you to collect, analyze and manage important first and third-party-data and helps you to upgrade the quality and relevance of your inventory.

Product Benefits

Activate your data
Analyze frequencies
Built custom audiences

NMS1 is a sales and network management system designed specifically for the needs of DOOH publishers. Benefit from a structured offer tool and improve your sales activities, or manage your inventory from one central point of control to get detailed insights into your entire network.

Product Benefits

Improve your sales activities
Manage your inventory network
Store all important documents

One platform, many features.
All in one for your media success!

Create campaigns, store all your creatives and manage your ad activities.
Monetize your inventory programmatically and optimize it in real-time.
Use 1st and 3rd party data to enrich your campaigns and target groups.
Manage your entire DOOH network in one single platform.                          
One to many with One Tech Platform
One Tech Platform is available for DOOH, OOH and Print publishers. Choose your media channel and learn more about the various offerings, designed to maximize your ad success.


Monetize, manage and optimize your DOOH inventory with one platform.


Sell, analyze and improve your OOH inventory with one platform.


Market, organize and monitor your inventory with one platform.