Programmatic ads on vending machines in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK

Invenda develops software and hardware for automated retail and runs a network of state-of-the-art vending machines in several global regions. These are equipped with 46- or 49-inch screens that can also be booked by advertisers. As of today, these advertising spaces can be booked programmatically via One Tech Group‘s SSP1.

For the launch of the partnership, Invenda’s inventory in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will be connected to SSP1 and is immediately bookable via Deals as well as Private and Open Auction for advertisers or their DSP partners. Screens provided by Invenda in the US and the United Arab Emirates will follow in the near future.

“The offering that Invenda provides to advertisers is unique: the screens are directly integrated into the POS and are at the same time located at various locations that are frequented by diverse target groups,” says Daniel Siegmund, founder and managing director of One Tech Group. Siegmund continues: “We are pleased that we can now make these exciting opportunities available to advertisers via the programmatic booking route and also expand our international inventory once again.”

The available vending machines are located in Germany in gyms, in the Netherlands in tram stations, leisure and sport centres and gas stations, and in the UK in universities as well as in retail and sports centres. In total, advertisers can generate more than ten million contacts per month via the newly connected inventory.

“The programmatic commercialisation of the advertising space on our vending machines is an important step. We are disrupting the vending market, creating the first vending media network with touch screens that allows us to create engagement and brand awareness. What we offer is unique – an abundance of (GDPR-compliant) location and transactional data, prime locations, and the possibility of targeted audience marketing directly at the point of sale.” says Francesca Meloni, DOOH advertising director at Invenda.

About One Tech Group
One Tech Group offers digital next-level solutions in the field of digital out-of-home (DOOH) and retail. Designed to respond to the rapid changes in the DOOH and retail markets, One Tech Group brings together leading technology platforms and solutions in the areas of Programmatic Technology, Tracking & Communication. With SSP1, One Tech Group operates the largest independent DOOH supply-side platform in the DACH region and enables access to high-reaching and wide-ranging inventories for programmatic DooH-bookings.

About SSP1
SSP1 is the technologically leading and independent DOOH supply-side and monetisation platform within One Tech Group GmbH. This enables the programmatic monetisation of the supply side chain, in which buyers and sellers of media inventory are ideally connected with each other. Programmatic advertising automates the booking of DOOH inventories, optimises them and thus creates growth potential for DOOH publishers as well as transparent and easy-to-monitor channels for advertisers. SSP1 thus provides access to a broad portfolio of touchpoints via demand-side-platforms (DSPs), including airports, highway, mall, POS, public transportation and healthcare channels amongst others.

About Invenda Group AG
Founded in 2017 by CEO Jon Brezinski, Invenda Group AG specializes in the development of software and hardware for automated retail, including smart vending machines, fridges, and micro-market kioskswith enhanced AI and big data features. Invenda’s customers include Mars Wrigley, Coca-Cola, Valora, and Selecta.

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